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See how your feedback has reshaped Bing Ads in the first half of 2017

At Bing Ads, we believe that the best way to improve our product is to listen to you, our customer, and build solutions that help make you more effective in achieving your search engine marketing goals. To this end, we created the UserVoice feature suggestion forum to hear directly from you on the top features and functionality you’d like us to introduce and areas you’d like us to improve.
Since we’re halfway through the calendar year, we think it’s a good time to reflect on the changes we’ve made to Bing Ads in a number of key areas based directly on your feedback. These areas include:
  1. Bing Ads Editor enhancements
  2. Improved reporting
  3. Greater targeting and budget management controls
  4. More powerful Sitelink Extensions management
  5. Easier billing management
If there are additional areas you’d like us to focus on that we didn’t address in the first half of the year, please take a few minutes to review the list of UserVoice items we’re currently working on, vote on items we haven’t started working on, or suggest new features

Bing Ads Editor enhancements

Our enhancements to Bing Ads Editor have been aimed at saving you time by making it easier to make changes in bulk. The ability to make changes to multiple campaigns or ad groups at once by selecting multiple entries from the left-hand navigation menu is one such change.

Forum feedback screenshot 1
Forum feedback screenshot 2

We also heard loud and clear that the process for making bid adjustments for various device types was cumbersome since that capability wasn’t in the main grid. We’re happy to share that we addressed this feedback in the most recent release of Bing Ads Editor, and you can now make bid adjustments by device type directly within the main grid.

Forum feedback screenshot 3


Improved reporting

As you know, online advertising is a competitive space as your brand must compete for the searcher’s attention. A great tool for finding out how well you’re doing with grabbing the searcher’s attention is the impression-share report (also known as share of voice), which shows you how often your ads show up in search results compared to your competition. It has been a long-standing request to make this data available in the main Bing Ads grids. I’m excited to note impression-share columns are now available in Bing Ads online.

Forum feedback screenshot 4

A frequent cause of wasted ad spend occurs when a link in an ad ends up not working either because the website has changed or because some dynamic parameter was incorrectly specified. In both cases, the advertiser is charged for a click, even though it led to a broken page and resulted in a negative user experience for the searcher. As part of our editorial validation, we now regularly check your landing pages and provide messages in our web interface when the pages have led to 404 error pages over a sustained period of time. Because websites at times have transient errors, we wait to see over a day of sustained errors before reporting these issues to you. This will help prevent wasted ad spend and provide a better experience for the searcher.

Forum feedback screenshot 5


Greater targeting and budget management controls

Unlike traditional advertising, search engine marketing has distinguished itself by providing advertisers greater ways to measure and maximize their return on ad spend. That said, advertisers like you are consistently giving us great feedback on areas where we can improve Bing Ads to give even better return on ad spend and more overall control of your budget management. One of the changes we’ve made in response to your feedback is providing the ability to opt out of desktop targeting with a -100% bid adjustment so you can create dedicated campaigns for mobile users.

Forum feedback screenshot 6

We recently eliminated the monthly budget option because it caused unpredictable spend patterns for many Bing Ads customers. With daily budgets, you now have more control to meet your expectations with managing your Bing Ads budget.

Forum feedback screenshot 7


More powerful Sitelink Extensions management

Using Sitelink Extensions is one of the most impactful ways to improve the performance of your Bing Ads campaigns because it gives searchers more relevant results and boosts the size of your ad within the search results. Over the past few months, we’ve addressed a number of popular requests related to Sitelink Extensions management, including the ability to associate 20 sitelinks to a campaign and to specify exact start and end dates for when the sitelinks should show with your search ads.
Forum feedback screenshot 8
Forum feedback screenshot 8


Easier billing management

We believe that billing is something you should never have to worry about. Whether it’s setting up billing for your account or staying on top of your budgets and invoices, we’ve made many improvements to reduce areas of frustration and help give you time back.
If you’re using monthly invoice accounts to spend against a credit line with Bing Ads, both the Insertion Order (IO) and Billing grids now show several new columns to help make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. The IO grid has your Account Number and shows you the most recent Modified Date and Modified By information, so you can quickly find the IO you need to work on. You can also now add more Notes to your IOs to help you stay organized. Within the Billing grid, you’ll now see a Status column that you can filter on, to help you keep track of invoices you’ve paid or the ones that are overdue. If your billing details changed in the middle of the month and you received multiple invoices, each document now clearly identifies the time period the charges are for, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
Invoice names now match the invoice Document ID, so that you can easily find and download the ones you need. You can also easily update your Billing Settings with a new action button on top of the grid.

Billing management screenshot 1
Billing management screenshot 2

Additionally, we’ve made improvements in the notifications you receive from us, because we know you like to stay on top of your accounts through actionable notifications. Now you’ll get notified of IO cancellations only if you don’t already have another IO active on the account, and we’ll notify you when your IO balance is getting depleted, with clear information on how much balance is left. When you’re notified of your account being paused, you’ll see the impacted accounts name, so you can quickly act to address it. If you’re using credit cards to fund ad spend, we’ll notify you a month before your credit card is due to expire, so you have enough time to update it and ensure uninterrupted service. If you’re pre-paying for your ad spend, the Add Funds experience has several improvements to make it more usable, including the ability to add a new payment method, if you hadn’t already done so.

Thank you for being Bing Ads customer and for providing us these and other great suggestions on how to improve Bing Ads to meet your search engine marketing goals. We look forward to receiving more of your suggestions in our UserVoice feature suggestion forum and to sharing another round of product improvements based on your feedback, in our next update.