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Web analytics is the lifeblood to successful search advertising. Insights gained from analysing your data allows you to enhance and optimise your campaigns, connect the right message with the right customer, and make the most of your advertising budget. You’ll see how your business goals connect with your ads and keywords, how customers get to conversions, and where you may have new opportunities.

Learn what your customers are doing after they click your ad.

To do this, Microsoft Advertising provides analytics tools and resources to help you improve your search campaigns.

  • Event tracking
    Add customer tracking to your website and integrate it with your Microsoft Advertising account to see what happens after customers click your ad.

  • Campaign analytics
    Use Microsoft Advertising performance reports to measure campaign effectiveness and interpret the numbers.

  • Learn about your traffic
    Explore Webmaster Tools to learn about the traffic coming to your site and understand where to adjust for better ROI.

Once you can delve into your ad analytics, and know where, when and how conversions are happening, you’ll be armed with the information you need to effectively optimise your campaign. For example, if you see high click-through rates, but low conversions, then try updating your landing page copy or put your purchase offer in a more visible location on the page. As another example, if your SEM analytics show that customers reach your conversion page, but visit other pages instead of converting, then try adding your call to action in those other pages where they are showing interest.

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