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The Bing Network audience

The Bing Network is a part of your customers' lives, powering the devices, apps and sites they use every day and meeting them in the moments that matter most. Find out more about the Bing Network audience in the U.K. and how users are searching from their desktop computers below.

Better tracking with final URL suffix and more custom parameters

  25 June 2019

In today’s digital era, consumer expectations of a fast, trustworthy and reliable online experience are high. To create a better experience, we’re rolling out parallel tracking, the final URL suffix, and increasing the available custom parameters.

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Recap: Global Microsoft Advertising Partner Virtual Summit

  24 June 2019

Get up to speed on the Global Microsoft Advertising Partner Virtual Summit. Available on demand to enrolled partners, the event features executives and subject matter experts sharing product expertise and info on future Microsoft Advertising offerings.

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Alan Turing: 'Are you paying attention?'

  23 June 2019

Underneath Bishop’s Bridge Road, halfway between Sheldon Square and the entrance to Paddington Underground station, a cryptic message flashes at the half-oblivious passersby – “This is Alan speaking… Through this interface with time and space… I am the ghost in the universal machine…” It’s a ‘Message from the Unseen World’, an art installation that uses artificial intelligence to light up a wall of words and phrases from one of Paddington’s most famous sons and father of the modern computer, Alan Turing.

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Microsoft Audience Ads has allowed our business to be in front of tens of thousands of users with minimal setup time.

— Vivian Dang, Senior Director of Marketing Analytics, American Advisors Group