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With Similar Audiences, Microsoft Advertising automatically finds you new customers by looking for searchers with similar interests to those on your Remarketing lists.

Behind the scenes, Microsoft Advertising will find new search users who have similar behaviours and attributes to the users in your Remarketing lists, helping you to connect with a wider set of qualified customers.

Drive conversions by finding new prospects similar to your best customers.

Why use Similar Audiences?

  • Reach prospects who are ready to convert
    When you expand your reach to these "look-alike" users, you’ll find high-quality prospects you can turn into customers.
  • Drive conversions and increase ROI
    Customers saw up to 70% higher conversion rates with similar click-through rates from Similar Audiences than from non-targeted users for the same ads.
  • Save time with automatic updates
    Associate your Remarketing list then leave it to us—we create the similar audience and work daily to keep it current.

Additional details

You must have at least one remarketing list with at least 300 users in order to use similar audiences. A Similar Audience needs to have at least 300 users on the search network or the Microsoft Audience Network before your ads can be shown to the audience.

Visit our help page for additional information on how to reach your audience.

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