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New partnership between Microsoft Advertising and BigCommerce

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Microsoft Advertising is excited to announce a partnership with BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS e-commerce platform. Through this partnership, over 65,000 BigCommerce merchants can now reach millions of potential new high-value customers with ease using the newly released the Microsoft Ads and Listings app in the BigCommerce Marketplace.

How does the Microsoft Ads and Listings app help BigCommerce merchants?

With the new Microsoft Ads and Listings app available for free on BigCommerce, merchants of all sizes can now quickly reach this large audience in 120+ supported markets by connecting to Microsoft Advertising using their existing account or easily sign up for a new one.

Using the app, merchants can synchronise their full e-commerce product catalogue directly to the Microsoft Merchant Center with ease. Products are then showcased automatically for free across Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Start placements. Merchants can also create paid Smart Shopping Campaigns and view their marketing performance and insights in the app to increase their reach across the Microsoft Search and Audience Networks.

Set up of Microsoft Advertising account

How will shoppers discover products from BigCommerce merchants?

Merchants can broaden the audience for their products and reach high-value, motivated shoppers by showing across many Microsoft consumer experiences including Microsoft Bing Search Pages, Microsoft Start, Microsoft Bing Images tab, Microsoft Bing Shopping tab, and the Microsoft Audience Network.

Product Ads example on the Microsoft Bing search page.

Product Ads examples on the Microsoft Bing Image tab.

Product Listings example on the Microsoft Start Shopping tab.

Get started

We’re excited to launch our integration with BigCommerce, so that more merchants can reach millions of potential new customers and look forward to expanding into new markets through 2023. Learn more about the Microsoft Ads and Listings app or download to get started.

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