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The BLK Gallery multichannel campaigns grow social media

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One platform with multiple features helps artist grow audience

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A small business with big growth goals

New York-based artist Frank Amoruso launched The BLK Gallery in 2020 to sell his work made from culturally relevant images re-envisioned into one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Achieving growth on his own platform wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped. Amoruso needed to find a way to reach people who’d be interested in his work.

He began experimenting with search and social ads across multiple platforms, but was unsure which tactics created the most value or would expand his audience. The team at Microsoft Advertising invited him to join a pilot for multichannel campaigns. The pilot included new features that enabled Amoruso to run paid search and paid social across multiple channels with one budget and one platform.

I tried Google, Facebook and Instagram, but then Microsoft Advertising came along and helped me out. The results have been far beyond my expectations.

— Frank Amoruso, founder, The BLK Gallery

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One platform, multiple functions

Amoruso had never heard of a tool that could manage multiple paid media accounts in one dashboard, but he trusted Microsoft Advertising because of their professionalism and follow- through.

After consolidating his efforts into one platform, he used tools that assessed his budget, target audience, platforms, and goals to optimize his investment. He no longer needed to guess how much to spend on each platform or manually adjust bids. The platform did the work for him and he received hands-on help from a dedicated account representative.

Everything you needed to see was there and that’s what initially attracted me – it was an all-in-one platform.

— Frank Amoruso, founder, The BLK Gallery

Small investment, big results

With a goal of reaching new audiences through social media, Amoruso used search and display ads to direct customers to his website. The results surpassed his expectations. Amoruso’s campaign netted several sales, hundreds of new followers on his social channels, and more than 2,000 engagements on his social media accounts. With Microsoft automated intelligence working for him, his small investment netted over 247,000 impressions.

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His campaign exceeded his growth expectations and he’s looking to do a big Microsoft Advertising push over the holiday season.

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