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Telecom company gets 437% more conversions and 29% lower cost per lead with Bing Ads

September 2015


Virtual phone system provider Grasshopper was looking to find a new stream of leads to help grow its business. Grasshopper was already using radio ads and Google AdWords when it integrated Bing Ads into its digital strategy.


Grasshopper began by importing Google AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads to increase its online presence. In addition to creating a new channel of leads in just minutes, Grasshopper used Bing Ads to decrease its cost per lead.


Grasshopper saw impressive results including a 437% increase in conversions and a 29% decrease in cost per lead with Bing Ads. The company expected the number of leads to grow, but were impressed by the quality of the audience. “Based on the results we have seen, I highly recommend that other companies include Bing Ads in their search marketing efforts,” says Greg Kristan, SEO specialist at Grasshopper.

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