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Swiss beauty retailer leads with Microsoft Shopping adoption

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Microsoft Shopping increases retailer’s clicks by 125% a year

One step ahead of the curve

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Enjoying the results with products from

Swiss retailer has always been one step ahead of the curve. In 2009, the company pivoted from 19 hair salons across Switzerland to becoming an omnichannel retailer. Some 10 years later, their online business has grown to be four-times bigger than all the salons combined. CEO, Roger Wäfler, has a vision for to become the largest online beauty retailer in Switzerland. Working with digital marketing agency Webrepublic, is utilizing Microsoft Advertising as an important performance channel to fulfill their vision.

Online visibility is central to the strategy for growth. The introduction of Microsoft Shopping campaigns to Switzerland has helped to strengthen this visibility, bringing’s products to the forefront of the consumer search experience. COVID-19 has also led to a dramatic increase in online shopping behavior on Microsoft Bing where is visible on both search and shopping. The advertising formats on Microsoft Bing enables to expand its market reach, increasing conversions by 67% in the last year.

By developing campaigns which focus on specific brands, have been able to drive visibility and volume for their most-trusted partners.

— Sophie Schönenberger, Senior Consultant E-Commerce, Webrepublic AG

A brand-first approach

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There is a philosophy at to always try new performance channels and product features that highlight its impressive brand portfolio. The company mission is to connect consumers with these trusted brands, driving customer satisfaction and revenue for both and its partners.

When Microsoft Advertising launched shopping campaigns in the Swiss market in November 2019, this represented a brand new channel for to try.

“The adoption of Microsoft Shopping Campaigns has allowed to take a brand-first approach” said Sophie Schönenberger, Senior Consultant E-Commerce, Webrepublic AG, “By developing campaigns which focus on specific brands rather than solely products, have been able to drive visibility and volume for their most-trusted brand partners.”

Adapting to a changing marketplace logo

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to retailers, but it has also created opportunities through increased online traffic and the entrance of new consumers who may have never shopped online.

“We have seen a large increase in search engine queries on Microsoft Bing” said Roger, “We are showing ads to people who have never shopped online before. It’s a great way to get new consumers.”

Never one to sit on the sidelines, has taken full advantage of the new product opportunities available to the Swiss market. Harnessing the unique data of Microsoft Advertising and demonstrating the power of first-mover advantage in Switzerland, conversion rates during the lockdown period have been higher than any other form of search advertising. Likewise, CPCs are lower as competitors have generally been slower off the mark, often resulting in being the sole search advertiser of certain products and brands – an enviable position for any retailer, never mind one with ambitions to become the market leader in Switzerland.

After testing the format for almost a year, has seen great results for Microsoft Shopping campaigns, with CPCs decreasing 25%, clicks increasing 125% and conversions increasing 67% year-on-year.

“We are very happy with the performance of shopping campaigns on Microsoft Advertising and see there is huge potential here,” said Roger. “People like to buy products they can see, so with shopping campaigns it really helps us get our products in front of customers.”

We are showing ads to people who have never shopped online before. It’s a great way to get new consumers.

— Roger Wäfler, CEO,

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