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Personalized connections at scale

May 2018

In a world of digital assistants and personal shopping subscriptions, it seems like everyone wants (and expects) more personalization. This is especially true in advertising. The positive or negative perception that ads can create for the consumer is based on many factors. Messaging, relevance and context all play a role and ultimately determine if any action is taken. The more personalized the marketing is, the better the chances the consumer will take that next step. In fact, Phocuswright found that 37% of travelers recalled an ad that was personalized – an ad that promoted a brand, destination or set of travel dates of specific interest to the traveler.

But how do marketers have time to personalize messaging, creative and calls to action for thousands of people? Bing Ads connects advertisers to the people who matter to their businesses in an intelligent and personalized way that delivers results. One of the most effective ways to create personalized marketing at scale is with remarketing.

Remarketing in Paid Search is an audience targeting and marketing automation capability that lets you define audience segments and customize an ad experience based on how that group engages with your brand.

  • Want a second chance to reach shoppers who abandon their shopping cart? Remarketing can give them a subtle reminder or way to reconnect, enticing almost-customers to come back and complete a transaction. Don't let this high-value segment convert elsewhere.
  • Want to give a loyalty member a personalized offer or coupon? You can upload a first-party contact list to target using remarketing ads. Because loyalty members still shop around, a targeted exclusive offer can help ensure these frequent purchasers are your repeat purchasers.
  • Want to upsell or cross-sell a recent customer? Remarketing can help you deepen brand affinity with your existing customer base.
  • Want a recent user of your mortgage calculator to start exploring home loan options with you? Remarketing ads can help turn website visitors into leads.

There are unlimited ways to reach your business goals with remarketing. Marketers who used Remarketing in Paid Search on Bing Ads saw 37% higher conversion rates than the same ads without remarketing.

How to start personalizing brand connections at scale

Let marketing automation and the intelligence of Bing Ads do the work for you.

  1. Place a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag across your website.
  2. Create Bing Ads remarketing lists based on user activity or pages users have visited.
  3. Associate remarketing lists to ad groups.
  4. Optimize your bids, ads and keywords to those who search on Bing.

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