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Overstock sells with Microsoft Audience Ads

Learn how Overstock achieved a 33% increase in quarterly return on ad spend and a 1,247% boost in weekly revenue using Microsoft Audience Ads.

February 2019


The new consumer is the new frontier

A new consumer is emerging, with new expectations about how they want to shop, buy and even experience the world.

January 2019

Webcast hosted by ON24

Modern Marketing is Accessible Marketing

Join a live webcast to learn about Office 365 accessibility tools

January 2019


Concourse Media gets the scoop on CTR

Learn how Concourse Media increased click-through rates by 200% with Microsoft Advertising Remarketing and In-market Audiences.

January 2019

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Digital Disruption

Learn about the disrupting trends that matter most to marketers

December 2018

Webcast hosted by ON24

Predict the Consumer Decision Journey with Linguistics

Join Bing Ads, Performics & Northwestern University as they share insights on predicting the consumer journey through linguistics.

December 2018

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Audience Marketing

Get started with a Bing Ads audience and targeting toolkit

November 2018

White paper

Marketing in the era of digital assistants

Learn how brands should adjust their strategy as digital assistants increase in adoption, capabilities and usefulness to consumers.

October 2018

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Broad Match on Bing Ads

Explore how broad match can help you tap into new business opportunities

October 2018


Paid search and Microsoft Audience Ads

You want more volume. Extending your search campaigns with Microsoft Audience Ads can help you reach audiences beyond search and get more clicks and conversions.

September 2018