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Microsoft Audience Network: Financial Services

Learn why users exposed to both Microsoft Search ads & Microsoft Audience ads are more likely to visit a financial advertiser’s website.

April 2021


Microsoft Audience Network: Tech and Telco

Learn how you can use the Microsoft Audience Network to maximize performance for your Techn & Telco clients.

April 2021


Microsoft Audience Network: Automotive lift

Learn how the Microsoft Audience Network drives Automotive engagement throughout the marketing funnel. Get solutions to reach your audience.

April 2021


Brand engagement: Microsoft Audience Network

To address concerns around online privacy, learn how to use Microsoft Audience Network to reach your target audiences in a compliant way.

March 2021


The Microsoft Audience Network: Driving retail

Download insights to discover how retailers can benefit from the Microsoft Audience Network. Get strategies to help plan your campaigns.

March 2021

Boy playing guitar.


Microsoft Search Network data

Get help planning your Microsoft Advertising campaigns with insights about your audience. Reach more customers and get more results.

March 2021


Unexpected overlaps of In-market Audiences

This analysis highlights overlaps of In-market Audiences within Retail, so that advertisers can leverage them to extend their reach.

January 2021


Travel industry paid media attribution

Microsoft Advertising Insights conducted a multi-touch attribution analysis in Travel comparing pre-COVID-19 to post-COVID-19 timeframes.

October 2020

White paper

Digital advertiser's guide to COVID-19

Considerations for advertising during (and after) the new coronavirus from Microsoft Advertising.

June 2020