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White paper

Emerging digital consumers and finance

Is your financial services company ready for the emerging digital consumer? With BingAds and Accenture be at the top of your game.

September 2018


Mortgage lender AAG gets a helping hand

Learn how AAG’s cost per lead (CPL) is 75% less with Microsoft Audience Ads than their regular search CPL.

May 2018

Legal ease through paid search


Legal ease through paid search

Legal service LawDepot used Bing Ads paid search to lower cost-per-click while increasing conversions.

November 2017

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Boost brand perception with paid search

Build brand perception and purchase intent with search

March 2017

Agency helps Internet service company gain new leads


Agency lowers CPC and boosts leads for rural ISP

Toronto-based agency helps Internet service provider build traffic and improve ROI.

October 2015

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White paper

Maximize your marketing dollar

Learn how adding Bing Ads to your advertising strategy can boost your ROI.

September 2015