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Use remarketing ads for personalized marketing

Engaging, personalized marketing can help you reach your loyal customers, rebound from shopping cart abandonment, cross-sell current customers, and more.

May 2018


Seattle Chocolate's community commitment

Learn how the retailer Seattle Chocolate used Bing Ads to gain exposure for jcoco, a chocolate line that supports meals for those in need.

April 2018


Trophy Cupcakes and Party’s recipe for success

Learn how the cupcake retailer used Bing Ads to reach a larger, more targeted audience.

February 2018


Yes Mo Beauty brand helps build confidence in women

Learn how the beauty brand got a marketing makeover by adding Bing Ads to its paid search strategy.

February 2018

Woman examining shoes


Close sales in fewer steps

See the role Bing Ads plays in the digital marketing mix.

June 2017

School children walking through playground


A+ insights for planning back-to-school campaigns

Canadian retailers need to reach three key audiences for a successful back-to-school shopping season - parents, students and teachers. Ace your digital advertising campaigns by downloading the new 2017 back-to-school presentation full of search insights and tips.

May 2017

woman carrying large present down stairs


Drive in-store revenue with paid search

Learn how paid search can drive in-store revenue.

March 2017

The beauty of paid search


Too Faced Cosmetics blends ad tools for growth

Too Faced Cosmetics is sitting pretty using Bing Ads Sitelink Extensions and device targeting to reach more customers.

November 2016

Alinéa achieves a faster ROI


Alinéa achieves a faster ROI

Furniture retailer Alinéa outbids its competitors and spends less with Bing Ads.

April 2016

Woman laughs as a child presses a red rose to her nose.


From You Flowers grows orders

From You Flowers uses Bing Shopping Campaigns to boost orders 603%.

April 2016