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Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Microsoft Advertising Search Partners

Reach your customers on their complex journey

April 2020

Webcast hosted by ON24

Get started with Microsoft Advertising: Automation

Enhance your campaign management with automation tools

March 2020

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Webcast hosted by ON24

Quarterly API webcast: March 2020

A roadmap of current and upcoming features and resources

March 2020

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Microsoft Search Network data

Get help planning your Microsoft Advertising campaigns with insights about your audience. Reach more customers and get more results.

March 2020

Webcast hosted by ON24

Inclusive Marketing: Optimizing business and life

Learn how to drive business impact through diversity, inclusion and empathy

February 2020

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Text Ads

Increase efficiency and engagement using all text ad formats

February 2020

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Account Optimization

Learn five tactics for optimizing account health and performance

January 2020


Giving back is good for business too

In order for the company to continue giving back to the community, Dept needs to make sure their business continues to grow.

January 2020


Reach your ideal customers with Product Ads

To reach more shoppers on their retail customer journey, manage your Product Ads with Shopping Campaigns from Microsoft Advertising.

December 2019