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Cross-shopping for hotels and vacation rentals

January 2021

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Microsoft Advertising Insights looked at the cross-shopping behaviors of in-market shoppers. We examined almost a million accommodations searches to assess conversion paths and the cross-shopping of consumers. In this analysis, we dive into search sequencing, pre-switch indicators, audience overlaps and a customer success story.

Some key findings:

  • Travelers weigh their options: Vacation rentals are being searched in paths primarily made up of hotels searches, and vice versa.
  • Common search paths: The most common sequences are searches for the same line of business start to finish.
  • Stay present in the journey: Focus on non-brand, destination, and convenience which can be cross-shopping signals.
  • Capture travelers in-market for lodging: A substantial portion of the hotel and vacation rentals in-market audiences overlap.

Download the insights today to learn more about accommodations searches and how you can improve your campaigns today.

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