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The Download: How the power of purpose changed

Scenery of a forest and mountains with the text “The Download: Special Episode from The Gathering in Banff, Alberta.

This special episode of The Download takes you to the gorgeous snowcapped mountains of Banff for The Gathering Summit. Neither an event nor a conference, The Gathering brings together marketers and representatives of top cult brands to share their ideas on community, authenticity, values and purpose—the very things that build brand love in our modern world.

Hosts Darragh Simm and Rachel Newman spoke with attendees and presenters about making brand purpose personal. They also discussed how the past two years have shifted the workplace from an economic exchange of time for a paycheck to a place where people not only live the brand’s purpose, but their own.

Join The Gathering to learn from:

  • Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer of Benevity, who shares her perspective on the internal power that companies generate when they support the purpose and values of individual employees—and how that translates into environmental, social and governance (ESG) that’s more than just ticking boxes.
  • MJ DePalma, Director of Inclusive Marketing at Microsoft, who shares the background of her keynote presentation at The Gathering and how Microsoft’s support of her passion has helped her, in turn, shape its culture.
  • Darragh Simm, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, who hosts our new segment: That’s a Good Question. You’ll hear straight from attendees of The Gathering on what they look for in their favorite brands.

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