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The Download, Episode 12: The return of the PC

February 2022

The Download

Duration: 21:15

In the 12th episode of The Download, we celebrate the Year of the Tiger with a bold lineup of exceptional speakers. We'll dive into the business of doing good, and how that’s also good for business. We'll further explore what sustainable advertising means and how you can incorporate it into your business today.

This episode’s topics include:

  • The ever-changing behavior of consumers and how PCs are having something of a renaissance.
  • How the work from home (WFH) trend has us looking at our screens more than ever, and how that has changed the way people shop and surf the web. The blend between work and life is becoming more integrated every day.
  • An interview with our favorite oracle of the future, Lucie Greene, who shares her trend forecasts report for 2022, this time with a focus on purpose.
  • How to master SEO to fine-tune your skills and make the most out of this art.
  • Key findings of a new global study titled “The Rise of Sustainable Media” discussed by Misty Locke, Global CMO of dentsu.

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