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The Download, Episode 7: Travel insights and trends

May 01, 2021

Episode 7 of The Download is all about travel insights and trends. In this episode we look at:

  • Travel trends and insights as indicated from our 2021 Consumer Trends Report.
  • A product pop-up about what search solutions to use for marketing travel with our evangelist John Lee.
  • An interview with global travel expert Alvaro Rojas who has visited every country on Earth!

A special Noodle with marketing representatives from Alaska Airlines, HomeToGo and RVShare. Learn about Microsoft Advertising travel products including: Tours and Activities Ads, Hotel Prices Ads and Property Promotion Ads in the product pop-up with our evangelist, John Lee. Watch episodes 1 through 6 and now 7, at

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The Download, Episode 7: Travel, travel and more travel

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