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Winter travel strategy and success tactics for the Australian market

September 2019

Australians research winter travel a lot and are spoiled for choices. That said, 58% of travellers still haven’t made booking arrangements at the beginning of winter and when they start, they are only searching up to three destinations a year. Investing your marketing in the destinations they show interest in, at the right time of the year, is paramount.

If you are a travel marketer, it’s time to get your journey started and help searchers resolve their intent and find that perfect vacation destination. From city sightseeing to skiing, air travel to car rentals, we’ve put together the research to help you know what to bid on, when, and to whom, to target for maximum effectiveness.

To win against your competition you’ve got to ensure your winter travel campaigns are relevant to what and when people are searching. On average, 39% of searchers tend to abandon a travel purchase because they had to do more research and 50% were more likely to book with a brand that had easy-to-read, relevant information in their ads and on their site. Have clear, relevant info to avoid nearly 40% of searchers abandoning your brand from the get-go.

Even though most Australians may be dreaming of city sightseeing and beaches for winter vacations, Bing searchers are skiers who desire to hit the slopes and are on the platform looking for places to do some snow-filled runs. 70% of them haven’t even started their bookings yet! Take advantage of this huge opportunity to capture your share of Australians looking to play in the powder. In our guide to winter travel, you’ll discover loads of research, tips and tactics to help guide you as you plough through your campaigns this season. Ensure you are set up to target the right people at the right time on the right platform for success.

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