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Study: Impact of search advertising for pharmaceutical advertisers

April 2021

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Microsoft Advertising and Veeva Crossix, a leading healthcare data analytics firm, partnered on an innovative study to show the impact of search advertising on pharmaceutical brands. The research showed how a single ad exposure led to brand and category lifts for advertising participants.

Veeva Crossix is an analytics company that measures the effectiveness of digital health advertising, helps advertisers reach patient populations, and provides insights about patients.

The study sought to find answers to these advertising performance scenarios:

  1. Does unbranded search drive new prescriptions?
  2. Does a paid search click deliver more conversions than an ad exposure?
  3. Is mainline (top of page) advertising more impactful than ads appearing outside the mainline?
  4. Are multiple ad exposures more impactful than a single ad exposure?

Download the full Veeva Crossix and Microsoft Advertising study to learn more about how a single ad exposure drives brand lift and offline prescription sales.

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