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Download the Marketing with Purpose playbook to get actionable tactics to start your inclusive advertising journey today

Marketing with Purpose

It can help you build a more trusted brand by outlining marketing actions to take across the role of responsibility, values, and inclusion in your advertising. It can help build a brand that’s welcomed into people’s lives by earning genuine trust, upholding their values, and inclusively advertising. That’s Marketing with Purpose.

2021 Consumer Trends Report

Read the 2021 Consumer Trends Report from Microsoft Advertising and Suzy for tips to align insights with advertising and branding strategies.
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Build a brand that people are passionate about

85% of people will only buy from a brand they trust. We designed a playbook for all types of marketers to help start your "Marketing with Purpose" journey with data-driven strategies, research and actionable insights.
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The Download, Episode 5: 2021 business not as usual

Watch Episode 5 of The Download, 2021 business not as usual, from Microsoft Advertising. Get insights about how new consumer trends will impact business.

Guide to growth: Four strategies

To help you chart a path to business growth, we offer four marketing and advertising strategies and associated resources. Learn how you can build resilience in the face of constant change and increase your volume and reach new audiences more efficiently.
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Crocs pivots to sharing a pair with healthcare

Like every brand, we made incredible adjustments in real-time. Programs were cut, programs were pushed, programs were moved to next year,” said Heidi Cooley, head of global marketing at Crocs.

The Psychology of Inclusion and the Effects in Advertising: Gen Z

We conducted research to help determine how inclusion in advertising plays a role with consumers and share 5 key research insights in a newly published whitepaper.
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