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Bing Ads boosts airline bookings for TigerAir by 18% in six weeks

August 2014


TigerAir, an Australian airline operating in the low-cost air travel space, needed to drive additional traffic to their website and increase bookings, while maintaining a respectable cost per acquisition (CPA) compared to other search publishers in Australia. The campaign management team at Bing, in tandem with the MEC Search team, implemented a series of optimisations based on Bing data gathered since launch as well as utilising additional insights gained from MEC.


The solution included expansion of the account from mainly having a brand focus to encompassing top performing generic and research terms to help drive new users to the site and increase conversions. This strategy expanded current campaigns and also routed specific campaigns from NSW only to include VIC & QLD.


After just six weeks, Bing delivered a 30% increase in click volume, a six % stronger CTR, and most notably, an 18% increase in bookings across the TigerAir account. “Our main goal was to increase the number of bookings whilst maintaining a respectable CPA, and we enjoyed a high conversion rate and low CPA in the initial stages of activity,” explains Alex Hancocks, Head of Search for MEC Australia. “Following the expansion of the account, we saw a significant increase in traffic and overall bookings, without a severe impact in CPA, which is thanks to the high-quality, cost-efficient traffic being delivered on Bing.”

Read the case study to the right or download it to find out how TigerAir used Bing Ads to increase their airline bookings by 18%.

 Download the full case study