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Driving retail performance through the Microsoft Audience Network

March 2021

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With the growing concerns of online privacy, advertisers need to make sure they’re still able to reach their target audiences in a compliant way. With Microsoft Advertising, we use billions of first-party compliant data signals which identify consumer intent and push advertisers down the marketing funnel. Microsoft Advertising can allow you to meet your customer where they browse, e-mail and search.

Microsoft Advertising Insights tested the impact of Microsoft Audience Network, specifically relating to Retail. We set out to compare how online search behaviour for users exposed to native advertising on the Microsoft Audience Network differed from others who were not exposed. In doing so we looked at brand lift across all three stages of the funnel: awareness, consideration and conversion. Our results indicate that Microsoft Audience ad exposure drove higher engagement and brand lift across retail advertisers in all three categories. We also found users exposed to both Microsoft search ads and Microsoft Audience Ads are more likely to visit a retailer’s website, compared to those who are exposed to only one type of ad.

After proving that Retail native ads drive lift across all stages in the funnel, we subset the data in order to compare how brand lift varied across two sub-categories in Retail: Gift and Occasions and Home and Construction. While Gift and Occasions saw a greater lift across the funnel, both sub-categories were among the top contenders for overall Retail categories.

Download the insights to discover how retailers can benefit from the Microsoft Audience Network and to learn our recommended strategies to plan your campaign accordingly.

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