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Financial Services ad performance on the Microsoft Audience Network

April 2021

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As we continue to see growing concerns around online privacy, brands will need new data strategies to meet their goals in a compliant manner. While data breaches are a concern across all industries, the financial services market is especially important, due to the inherent value of the underlying data. In the our analysis, Microsoft Advertising Insights aims to help advertisers take advantage of Microsoft’s first-party audience data, while also keeping your customers’ information safe.

The Microsoft Audience Network is a great solution for testing Microsoft’s first-party audience data at scale. This network is powered by billions of first-party data signals, used to identify the right permissioned audiences. With our first-party data, we’re able to reach consumers at many points during their path to purchase, and drive brand lift across all stages of the marketing funnel.

Throughout our study, we found that users exposed to both Microsoft Search ads and Microsoft Audience ads were more likely to visit a Financial Services advertiser’s website, compared to those who were exposed to only search ads. In fact, when combining native and search strategies, we saw a 2.2x higher visitation rate on average.

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