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Marketing with Purpose Playbook: Building trusted brand experiences

September 2020

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Designed to empower all types of marketers, this playbook can help start your 'Marketing with Purpose' journey with strategies, research and actionable insights.

It can help you build a more trusted brand by outlining marketing actions to take across the role of responsibility, values, and inclusion in your advertising. It can help build a brand that’s welcomed into people’s lives by earning genuine trust, upholding their values, and inclusively advertising.

That’s Marketing with Purpose.

We conducted several consumer research studies to understand the drivers of a trusted relationship and what actions brands can take to grow trust, brand value and increase purchase intent. What we learned is brands have an amazing opportunity to create relationships with people that lead to incredible loyalty. We’ve poured these results into an actionable playbook outlining how to plan and execute in three important areas in marketing to build trust: responsibility, values, and inclusion.  

85% of consumers say they’ll only consider a brand if they trust the brand.

Marketers play a powerful role within their company to build trust and business value with purpose-driven marketing. The big question around trust is how best to create it, which this playbook answers. The overall key to unlocking brand trust is authentic, genuine, and personalised experiences woven together through a strategy of Marketing with Purpose.