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 Man working on laptop with dog at his feet.


Market disruptors across financial products

Banking search trends across the Bing Network

November 2017

Two girls talking to each other infront of a shop.


Reach shoppers this festive season

Learn how to capture the ideal online shopper with Bing Ads Festive Season Shopping Insights.

September 2017

Photo of horse racing


Reach the Spring Carnival betting audience

Get the scoop on Spring Carnival trends early, using our tips and tricks to maximise your impact in this key horse racing and betting period.

September 2017

Image of man on a balcony, looking at his smartphone


Discover key smartphone trends

Learn about smartphone search intent in Australia and three key trends that can help improve your Bing Ads campaigns.

August 2017

Two people baking cookies


Reach domestic appliances shoppers

Take a close look at the Australian domestic appliances vertical, and learn about consumer behavior during discovery and inspiration.

July 2017

Three women are watching as fourth woman writes on a whiteboard


Target Australian students through SEM

Reach the right student customers. Get current tips and insights in our 2017 report to help launch successful education campaigns in Australia.

July 2017

Two girls laughing next to the window


Trends and insights in Australian retail fashion

Get an industry-trend analysis of how the Australian fashion-centric consumer prefers to search for their favourite brands, products and fashion wear.

July 2017

Reach customers beyond borders


Increase cross-border APAC sales

Learn how to boost your APAC sales with cross-border e-commerce and Bing Ads.

February 2017

Catch Cupid this Valentine’s Day with Bing Ads


Lovers’ shopping season is upon us

Learn how to target last-minute shoppers across devices with Bing Ads this Valentine’s Day.

January 2017

Watch these travel search trends


Travel trends on Bing Network - Australia

Get advertising insights and explore search trends throughout the travel industry.

December 2016