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Seeking students through search

July 2017

As Australia’s third largest export industry, education is getting an A in growth. Over the next five years, higher education is projecting an average annual growth rate of 4%, and online education is expected to increase 8.7% annually. For current industry data to help you reach the right student customers, check out our latest education insights for digital marketers. You'll learn about the industry's growth rate, trending search terms, keywords to use in search marketing campaigns, as well as five tips for getting more ROI this year, such as:

  • Plan your campaign aligning with key enrolment windows.

  • Focus on popular courses leading up to the enrolment windows.

  • Monitor your brand share of voice during peak months when students are searching.

  • Optimize towards better conversions using an ad copy heatmap.

  • Reconnect with visitors that interact on your website.

Learn about these insights and more by downloading the 2017 presentation, Seeking Students Through Search: Education Insights for Digitial Marketers. With the latest industry tips and data, you can help your search campaigns reach your best education customers.