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Father’s Day 2021: AU trends and insights

August 2021

Have you thought about Father’s Day yet? We’ve put together a short summary of our expectations for September, using a mix of market research and historical trend analysis. In the analysis we included insights on the top click trends and categories as well as tips on when to start targeting consumers online.

Overwhelmingly, we found dads on the Microsoft Search Network are clicking on content related to computers and consumer electronics more than in any other category. Other top click trends include products in the home and garden, hobbies, and apparel verticals.

While the build up to Father’s Day starts 30 days out, we recommend you start your planning now. The week before Father’s Day will be the busiest, with about 45% of related searches occurring within 5 days of the holiday. Download the full deck for more details on search trends, top products, and planning tools.

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