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Easter holidays and winter travel success strategies for the Australian market

March 2020

Australia’s tourism sector has taken a hit due to the recent bushfires. To help the industry bounce back, the government is investing in a $20 million bushfire recovery ad campaign and encouraging local travel. Australians are heeding the call, with 85% planning to spend their Easter holidays within the country, and city dwellers likely heading to affected areas to help.

As a travel marketer, you can play your part in supporting the recovery by helping travellers find the perfect fit for their local destination. The Easter holidays may be fast approaching, but 36% of travellers are still in the market and continue searching up until a week before Easter, so take advantage of this huge opportunity now. Meanwhile, winter travel-related searches begin as early as May and peak during August, so make sure your winter travel campaigns cover the entire search window and your budgets are sufficient enough to accommodate spikes in search volume.

From trending locations to top activities, we’ve put together the research to guide you on what destination and experience terms to bid on, when to set up your budgets, and what targeting to use for maximum ad effectiveness. Our guide to Easter holidays and winter travel will equip you with key data, strategic tips, and valuable tactics to help you map out and execute your campaigns this season.

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