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Increase sales with cross-border e-commerce in APAC

February 2017

As the world becomes more connected, customer buying habits are spreading beyond borders and evolving faster than ever before. To find new sales opportunities, you need to understand – and quickly act on – that evolution.

What’s driving the boost in cross-border e-commerce? Consumers looking for value. Your customers today leverage the Internet to research price, quality, service, availability and delivery options, plus share ideas and opinions all along the shopping journey — right up to the point of purchase. What’s in it for your business? Consider these points:

  • Be part of a market that’s taking off:
    Global e-commerce was valued at $1.672 trillion dollars in 2015 (24.5% increase from 2014), with $672 billion coming from China, $349 billion from U.S., $99.4 billion from UK, and $26.8 billion from Canada. The market is still growing rapidly and is expected to reach $3.551 trillion by 2019.
  • Be where your customers are:
    74.2% of the UK population, 65% of the U.S. population, and 58.5% of the Canadian population are digital buyers. In 2019, over 31% of the population worldwide will be digital buyers, with over a quarter living in China.
  • Boost your bottom line:
    Accenture estimates that retailers can grow their revenue by up to 25% if they sold both online and cross-border.

With ready APAC markets available, search is critical for business visibility as consumers abroad proceed through the buying process. By using Bing Ads for your search marketing, you can reach a quality audience on the Bing Network in 35 countries worldwide.

Among our global 629 million searchers, there are 158 million searchers that are exclusively reached by Bing. They are likely to spend 145% more than the average Internet searcher. In our report, Crossing Borders, you’ll find audience data, insights and recommendations to help you connect with these potential customers, including eight tips for getting started in cross-border e-commerce.

For more details about how to successfully access worldwide markets, view our presentation to the right or download it below.