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Consumer search trends in the time of COVID-19

May 2020

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Consumer shifts across Australia, Canada, UK and US

Over the past few months the world has gone through unprecedented times. We recognise everyone is stretched thin between new business demands, personal and family concerns and uncertainty about what’s ahead. There are no playbooks or guidelines for what to do next, but what is certain is that consumer behaviour is shifting during this time and we need to be flexible to adjust our strategies with the changes that are happening almost daily.

Shifting consumer behaviours in search

Consumer behaviour is changing to adapt to this new situation. People are turning to search to stay up to date on the news, ask their important questions, find the supplies they need, and manage their work/life in a very different way. We are seeing these changes happening in real-time, every day across every vertical, as consumers spend more time at home and on their computing devices. These changes have resulted in increased desktop usage and strong growth in search volume.  

The Microsoft Advertising team has created an eBook entitled Search trends in the time of COVID-19 to consolidate key consumer insights and industry trends observed across a variety of categories including: auto, travel, home & garden, food & grocery, consumer electronics, fitness and more.

We hope you find this eBook helpful as you think about your digital advertising strategies to connect with consumers, and very likely the digital transformation your business is experiencing.

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