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Automate your marketing with Bing Ads

June 2018

Automate your marketing with Bing Ads

Marketing nowadays is as much science as it is art. Online marketers are responsible for building captivating ad campaigns, while also optimizing them for better performance. As the responsibilities continue to grow, marketers are left feeling like they might need to clone themselves to keep up.

Luckily, Bing Ads is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable modern marketers to automate their marketing. Features like auto-bidding and automated extensions take your campaign goals and adjust your tactics to help your ads perform at their best — and to help you do more now than you ever could before. It’s like having a second set of marketing hands.

Auto-bidding helps you save time and increase efficiency

Let Bing Ads automated bidding automatically manage keyword bids, helping you to generate the most clicks or conversions possible, while staying within your budget.

Automated bidding can help improve ad performance and increase your conversions while taking the guesswork out of bidding. Start with your campaign goal and these marketing tips to choose the best bidding strategy:

  • Maximise conversions: Data-driven targeting helps you find new customers on the Bing Network. Automatically set your bids to get as many conversions as possible.
  • Target cost per acquisition (CPA): Maintain budget control when you automatically set your bids to attain your average target CPA.
  • Maximise clicks: Save time when you automatically set your bids to get as many clicks as possible.
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (CPC): Use Enhanced CPC to automatically monitor conversion probability to get more conversions at a lower cost.

To learn how to get started with auto-bidding, watch the Art and Science of Bing Ads Automation webcast on demand.

Automated extensions help you improve campaign performance

Ad extensions help searchers find what they’re looking for on your website, while expanding your ad’s footprint on the search engine results page (SERP). Now, using the power of AI, automated extensions help deliver the right extension at the right time for your audience. Offering personalised ad experiences and improved visibility with no action required from you, automated extensions help make advertising easier.

  • Automated extensions help reduce operational tasks and alleviate ad testing guesswork.
  • Bing Ads collects and extracts relevant and useful content to help ensure the right extensions appear at the right time.
  • Data is collected from multiple places, including content on your website, your ad descriptions, a user’s Bing query, Bing Shopping Campaigns feeds, and third-party sources like Twitter.

Learn more about the latest addition to the ad extensions family, automated extensions, powered by AI.

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To learn more about what AI can do for marketers, download the AI for Marketing eBook or watch the Art and Science of Intelligent Ad Solutions webcast to learn the latest modern marketing techniques.