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Australia insights: Get ready for school

February 2022

A girl sits on her father's lap while laughing and looking at a laptop.

As children across Australia prepare to return to school, data shows that parents are planning to spend more on back-to-school shopping compared to last year.

Microsoft Advertising Insights found that search volume for back-to-school starts ramping up in January, and this momentum continues until March. The continuation of digital learning has propelled clicks for categories such as online mass merchants and technology. In fact, we are seeing a 148% increase year-over-year in computer hardware and tablet clicks compared to last year’s back-to-school season.

Also, laptops and tablets were the most searched category last January, and searches for stationery and shoes began to ramp up in February and March.

Ensure you have adequate coverage of these trending search categories to make the most of your campaigns.

For a full list of trending keywords and third-party market research, download the full insights.

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