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Australia's end of fiscal year Retail insights

May 2021

Make the most of your upcoming end of fiscal year (EOFY) seasonality with Microsoft Advertising. In this analysis, we look at the retail industry, search and click behaviour, and how advertisers can get ahead of EOFY trends for 2021.

Online shopping in Australia was a great success in 2020. In fact, 82% of households shopped online and online retail spend rose 57% year over year (YoY). We expect these trends to continue as shoppers are estimating they will spend 28% more time online shopping than before than pandemic. We saw search and click growth across fashion and apparel, home and garden, health and beauty, hobbies and recreational goods, and speciality food and liquor. This growth in search behaviour aligned with the growth retailers saw in their EOFY sales.

This is just a quick overview of our findings, so don’t stop here. Download the insights to gain more perspective on how you can stay atop EOFY trends and grow your online revenue this year.

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