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Your chance to become a Celebrated Partner award winner starts now!

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A core value of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program is recognition of our Partners’ success stories. The Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration bi-annual initiative gives enrolled Partners in the Partner tier the chance to receive the recognition they deserve for their outstanding and creative work done throughout the year.

Join our exclusive list of outstanding Partners by submitting your nomination from 12 September - 10 October 2022!

The three Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration Global Awards

  • Partner Growth Award

    Awarded to the Partner that showed the most growth through revenue, new accounts, and/or certifications in the previous 6-12 months.

    Partner Culture and Community Award

    Awarded to the Partner who has promoted diversity, equity, inclusion, opportunity, or philanthropy in their organisation, client strategy, and/or community.

    Product Champion Award

    Awarded to the Partner who adopted and championed a new feature for the highest impact and results possible.

Being selected as a Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner Global Award winner will earn you recognition during Microsoft Advertising Activate in 2023, publicity through blog posts and social media, and the brand-new award winner badge. Winning will also make you eligible to be selected as the Global Emerging Partner of the Year, announced at Microsoft Advertising Activate in 2023.

Here's how to submit your nomination

  1. Partners enrolled in the Partner tier can follow this link to start their nomination.
  2. Provide some basic information.
  3. Select which awards you’d like to submit a nomination for.
    • You can choose to submit a nomination for one, two, or all three of the global awards!
  4. Submit your nomination!

A panel of Microsoft Advertising judges will choose a winner for each global award, and winners will be announced on or before 28 October 2022.

For details and further questions, feel free to reach out to

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