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Microsoft Advertising and InMobi expand their collaboration

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InMobi, a leading provider of marketing and monetisation technologies, announced the expansion of its collaboration with Microsoft Advertising to Mainland China. Effective June 2023, marketers in China will now be able to access an integrated solution to enhance their campaigns by harnessing the search and native display features of Microsoft Advertising.

InMobi will assist Microsoft Advertising’s enterprise and strategic sales, account management, marketing, finance, collection, and billing for customers in Mainland China. This builds on an existing and successful collaboration between Microsoft and InMobi, which started in July 2018 and has since been extended to include Microsoft Advertising’s solutions across nearly 75 countries and regions, including India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and now Mainland China.

“We’re thrilled about the expanded collaboration between Microsoft Advertising and InMobi. This is set to provide regional marketers with the tools to create a seamless brand experience for consumers by integrating the strengths of both search and native display platforms,” shared Rohit Dosi, VP and GM for Microsoft Advertising at InMobi.

He continued, “With over a decade of successful operations in China's advertising market, InMobi is uniquely positioned to introduce the excellence of Microsoft Advertising to marketers in China.”

“This extended collaboration between Microsoft Advertising and InMobi in China will bring the best value across both organisations to marketers in the region, given China’s highly competitive advertising environment,” said Charlie Liang, GM of InMobi China, SVP of InMobi Group. “InMobi China is well positioned to bring the best experience to advertisers with a deep understanding of China’s search and display ad markets, a customer-oriented product and business operation team, and Microsoft Advertising’s cutting-edge solutions.”

Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Dr. Qi Zhang, said “Microsoft Advertising is happy to expand its ongoing relationship with InMobi to one of the biggest markets across the world. Microsoft is committed to offer China’s marketers integrated solutions that combine the best of search and display enhanced by the power of AI. Combined with InMobi’s expertise in the advertising ecosystem and client relationships, we’ll provide trusted solutions for advertisers in China.”

Unlock new growth opportunities with Microsoft Advertising and InMobi in Mainland China

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