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The Download, Episode 7: Travel, travel and more travel

Episode 7 of The Download is here. And it hits at the right time when we’re all thinking about travel and how best to market it as economies open for business.

For travel marketers and influencers, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. For everyone else who doesn’t market travel, well, you probably travel or hope to travel again soon, so we hope you find this episode inspirational, when it comes to how you could apply these travel insights to your own business vertical.

We kick things off with Fanta Dicko talking travel insights from our 2021 Consumer Trends Report. We look into what products and solutions you the travel marketer should be using with our search evangelist John Lee. We also speak with global travel expert Alvaro Rojas about the global state of travel, and have a Noodle with travel subject matter marketing experts.

This episode covers:

  • Travel trends as indicated from our 2021 Consumer Trends Report.
  • A product pop-up about what search solutions to use for marketing travel.
  • A special noodle with marketing representatives from Alaska Airlines, HomeToGo and RVShare.

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