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Universal Event Tracking

Track what your customers are doing after they click on your ad. Universal Event Tracking (UET) is a powerful tool that records what customers do on your website. By creating one UET tag and placing it across your website, Microsoft Advertising will collect data that allows you to track conversion goals and target audiences with remarketing lists.

Benefits of Universal Event Tracking

Maximize returns

This approach allows you to optimize the overall value obtained from the conversions you achieve. By incorporating Target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS), you have an extra level of control to ensure that you generate the maximum possible conversion value or revenue while maintaining an adequate return on your ad spend.

Maximize conversions

Focused on achieving the maximum number of conversions within the limits of your budget. By incorporating Target CPA (tCPA), you gain an extra level of control that allows you to optimize the number of conversions while keeping the cost per acquisition at a desired level.

Precise audience targeting

A technique that allows advertisers to reach a specific audience by using a combination of data and technology to deliver personalized messages to the right people. This can be achieved through various methods such as retargeting, contact targeting, and predictive targeting.

Key features for Universal Event Tracking

Audience targeting

Connect to the customers that matter most to you with Microsoft Advertising audience targeting tools.


See stronger engagement and returns by focusing your marketing on the customers most likely to convert.

Automated bidding

With ever-expanding keyword lists and targeting options, managing bids efficiently can be difficult and time-consuming. Automated bid strategies from Microsoft Advertising give you flexible, advanced tools to save you time and maximize your ad spend.

Dynamic remarketing

Show searchers ads with specific products based on the products they have looked at, considered, or already purchased on your website.

Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns are designed to find and convert more customers across the entire network. We do this in real-time by pairing the right creative assets with the right targeting parameters and creating new combinations until we find the most high-performing ad for the market.

Similar audiences

Lists of customers whom Microsoft Advertising has determined show similar attributes to the people on your existing remarketing lists.

Start using Universal Event Tracking

Track what your customers are doing after they click on your ad.