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Digital Nomads: How brands adapt to remote work

October 01, 2022

Amidst the monotony of the pandemic, an exciting movement was cultivated in plain sight. A group of bold adventure seekers took their newfound remote flexibility and hit the road, literally. These aptly named Digital Nomads said goodbye to their office desk and set off to go explore the world. With their laptop in tow, these travelers now bounce from one Wi-Fi hotspot to the next as they work remotely at each new destination.

The official definition of a Digital Nomad is a location-independent individual who values flexibility and makes a living working online. While this lifestyle is not new per se, it was hugely popularized over the last couple of years. Microsoft Advertising first identified this movement in early 2022, when it profiled Digital Nomads in its e-book as an emerging consumer trend. At that time, there were already 10 million Digital Nomads in the United States, with another 20 million looking to follow suit.1 This rapid adoption occurred alongside the rise of remote work, which according to Microsoft WorkLab is how nearly half of all full-time employees’ work, up from just 14% before the pandemic.

If you take a moment to pause and consider the exponential growth of both Digital Nomads and remote work, it’s clear that this trend should be on the radar of every marketer. In fact, there are already businesses big and small that are catering their products and services to those working on the road. We caught up with one of these companies to learn from them and share with you some key takeaways you need to be aware of.

We’re pleased to present to you our Digital Nomad video, exploring how brands are adapting to remote work. In this video, we learn from Bryan Papé, founder of MiiR, some insights into how to create authentic connections in our digital world, as well as how to build successful remote teams. By the end of the video, you’ll also understand why trust and adaptability have been core pillars to enable MiiR to continually grow over the past decade and pull through macroeconomic forces.

With so much opportunity on the horizon surrounding the future of work and digital connection, this Digital Nomad video can act as your guide to help you navigate the road ahead and grow your business.

[1] GWI, US, Q3 2020 – Q2 2021.

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