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The digital marketer’s guide: Preparing for a cookieless world

October 01, 2021

Build your audience with Microsoft Advertising

Regulations and consumer demand will change how marketers collect and use data to engage with audiences. People will increasingly demand transparency with their data and vote with their wallets if marketers are not upfront in how their data is used. With the change in the data landscape, there is an opportunity with global privacy policies and restrictions to third-party cookies across browsers to build your first-party data and create a more transparent and rewarding value exchange with your customers. In this webcast you will learn how Microsoft Advertising is well positioned to help you, the advertiser.

We will cover the following topics and more:

Cookies 101
• How digital identity is changing
• Microsoft’s audience intelligence
• Advertising with zero-party data
• Universal Event Tracking and audience targeting
• Microsoft Audience Network

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