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Super Bowl LVI: Capture peak spending moments

January 01, 2022
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With only a few weeks remaining until Super Bowl LVI, Microsoft Advertising Insights reviewed the top category trends during this key advertising period.

Surrounding Super Bowl LV in 2021, cost per click (CPC) for Tech and Telecom advertisers decreased while click-through rates rose, illustrating an opportunity to drive performance efficiencies.1 Retail and consumer packaged goods saw peak searches prior to the Super Bowl, while clicks tended to decline following game day.2 Key categories included Sports Apparel, Snack Foods, and Beer. For Automotive, searches and clicks began to rise shortly after the Super Bowl, while searches and click volume for Vehicles and Dealers increased during the weeks following the Super Bowl.1

Be sure to time your campaigns accordingly and leverage In-market Audiences to capture peak spending moments for various subcategories.

Download the insights for a deeper look at top trends before, during, and after the Super Bowl.

[1] Microsoft internal data, January 2019 – March 2021.
[2] Microsoft internal data, November 2019 – March 2021.

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