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Fueling the future: The quest for electrified vehicles

May 01, 2022
A man wearing earbuds looks away from the camera and slightly smiles while getting out of a car.

As the marketplace shifts, consumer interest in electrified vehicles continues to increase. Despite this, coverage for electrified vehicles is lagging overall.1 There are unique opportunities for advertisers to get ahead of the curve by efficiently reaching these users across search, display, and native.

Microsoft Advertising Insights found that shoppers are undecided on fuel types, with hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) shoppers leading the pack.2 Conquesting against hybrid, electric, and PHEV will increase the likelihood of engaging undecided shoppers in their journey.

Additionally, the rising cost of fuel is driving search behavior and transportation searches.3 Get ahead of this shift and promote your electric lineup in less conventional forums.

For additional information on the electrified marketplace, the role of third parties, and the electrified audience, download the full insights.

[1] Microsoft internal data, January 20 – March 22. Electrified searches include hybrid, plug-ins and electric brand and non-brand.
[2] Microsoft internal data. October - December 2021. Excludes aftermarket queries.
[3] Gasbuddy, Microsoft internal data O&O 2022 YTD; SRPVs indexed share against all queries.

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