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Case study

Logical Position steps up digital ad results for global retail brand

November 28, 2022

A granular campaign structure for valuable insights

Logical Position, a Microsoft Advertising Elite Channel Partner, aims to put their clients in front of the right audiences at the right time, using a full suite of internet marketing tools.

When one of Logical Position’s clients, a global retail brand, needed a boost in reaching customers, Logical Position and its expertise with Microsoft Advertising products helped them hit their stride. Initially, the retailer grew tremendously with help from Logical Position.

They took a granular campaign structure approach, which allowed Logical Position’s Enterprise Executive Account Manager to present unique findings to the retailer’s team. For example, consumers interested in women’s shoes who interacted with the site within the last 24 hours had a conversion rate of nearly 5%, the highest among category-specific audiences. This structure also allowed Logical Position to glean valuable insights and provided their team with more levers to pull when optimizing the account.

Using feed-based ads has opened our clients into a whole new source of high-performing traffic. Given the results we’ve seen, we’re quickly expanding this as a best practice for many of our e-commerce clients.

— Brian Aldrich, Chief Strategy Officer for Logical Position

Adjusting for better results

Despite the early successes, finding consistent and reliable sales channels can be challenging, especially as you layer in the complex and ever-changing customer journey and need for 1-on-1 engagement with customers and prospects.

Logical Position wanted to help their client solve that problem and approached Microsoft Advertising to find lower-funnel solutions that can scale while maintaining their core key performance indicators (KPIs) and strict return on investment (ROI) requirements.

Through collaborative sessions with Logical Position leadership and key stakeholders, the two sides developed an “evergreen” strategy that leveraged the success of Search and Shopping with a lift and shift of their existing shopping feeds to the Microsoft Audience Network.

The solution was not only easy to deploy but also provided the real time triggers and signals that were occurring within the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem, which allowed the retailer to engage with customers instantly with relevant and specific offerings.

A quick, definitive customer response

The brand saw an immediate jump in overall performance and realization of value which sparked further ideation and collaboration with Logical Position, as they continued to build via scaled motions utilizing new insights and signals.

Performance on the Microsoft Audience Network was much improved after launching. The lower-funnel campaigns picked up full steam in November of 2021, which was right on time as the two sides had also been preparing for what was considered the largest e-commerce holiday season in recent years.

While the results were obvious, they were also able to leverage an advanced analytics solution, provided by Microsoft Advertising. The impact was positive across the entire funnel, especially in the critical areas of awareness, consideration, and conversion.

After harnessing insights from both Search and Native, Logical Position’s client realized a 2.3x lift in site visits and 7.4% lift in conversion rate.

The combination of Search and Native allowed a 2.3x lift in visitation rates and 7.4x in conversion rates.

The campaign delivered on the company’s desire to increase customer response efficiently and effectively to its digital advertising.

The total return on ad spend (ROAS) was nearly 235%, while outperforming other solutions by 675% on net new revenue.

With the retailer leading the way, Logical Position has been able to leverage these tactics across their key customers and segments, ultimately becoming a key component to their retail strategy.

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