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Case study

Power of AI-infused tools helps drive leads

February 07, 2023
Envoy Media logo.

Improve efficiencies to improve traffic volume

Envoy Media aimed to drive more qualified leads through their site by expanding targeting while maintaining campaign efficiencies.

Leveraging a variety of solutions to reach their goals

To create a model that would drive more leads to their site, Envoy Media knew that they could leverage the wide range of marketing tools from Microsoft Advertising. With Automated bidding, they knew they had access to a flexible, advanced tool that could help them save time and maximize ad spend.

Successful online advertising means catching your potential customers’ attention and showing them the value of your product, and Multimedia Ads gave Envoy Media access to the possibility of making their business stand out by impacting their audience with rich visual experiences on search result pages.

Harnessing the power of AI to drive efficiencies

Envoy Media began by testing Automated bidding on their smaller accounts. To their delight, they realized that the backend metrics supported that they were generating more qualified leads. From there, it was a no-brainer to roll out Automated bidding across all Microsoft Advertising accounts and scale reach by leveraging other products like Multimedia Ads.

Impact of Envoy Media’s strategy, 3.5x more leads, 50% better quality ads, and 100% cost per lead target attained.

We constantly optimize our marketing across the customer journey. When we leveraged our insights with Microsoft Advertising tools, performance went to the next level.

— Danny O'Kelley | Director of Search Marketing, Envoy Media

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