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Case study

Dealer eProcess wins with Auto Inventory Ads

April 04, 2023
Dealer eProcess logo.

Helping dealerships reach the right shoppers

Dealer eProcess was looking for new ways to expand its digital footprint and reach new customers across their entire buying journey via search and native. At the same time, they aimed to improve account performance and return on investment (ROI) for each of their dealers.

Rich ad formats to attract engaged car shoppers

Dealer eProcess adjusted their overall marketing portfolio to have a greater investment with Microsoft Advertising. They elected to shift an additional $300 of monthly budget towards Microsoft Advertising, which resulted in a significant overall performance improvement for their dealers.

More specifically, they leveraged Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA), allowing Dealer eProcess to offer their clients a rich new ad experience to engage their respective car buyers.

These ads were served across both the search engine results page and the Microsoft Audience Network, allowing each dealer to showcase their cars’ photos, prices, and features to shoppers across the web. These rich ads saw increased engagement, resulting in higher click through rate (CTR) and lower cost per click (CPC), ultimately improving overall performance while driving down costs.

Leveraging a suite of tools

Dealer eProcess leveraged tools from Microsoft Advertising to create successful advertising campaigns and reach the right audience at the right time. Automotive Inventory Ads allowed Dealer eProcess to showcase real-time inventory of new and used cars to nearby shoppers who are in the comparison and transaction stages in the Microsoft Audience Network.

On the left there's an icon of people with an ascending green arrow graph on top to show the 150% increase on clicks and on the right there's an icon of coins piled up together with an ascending green arrow graph on top to show the 22% of CPC decrease for audiences exposed to audience and search ads.

Whether you want to drive awareness, consideration, or sales, Microsoft Advertising is the ideal place to reach your goals. We work with many dealerships, some with very limited budgets. However, it’s instrumental that we include Microsoft in their marketing plans to hit the audiences and metric benchmarks we may miss on other ad platforms. We’re dedicated to offering the latest Microsoft tools and strategies to our dealers and growing our partnership with Microsoft Advertising.

— Samantha Larsen, Director of Digital Marketing at Dealer eProcess

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