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Report a Concern

Have you found an occurrence of a low quality or infringing ad, on a Microsoft property or, on the Microsoft Advertising Network? Let us know. A low quality or infringing ad is one that may violate the Microsoft Advertising Policies or applicable laws, including those ads that contain one or more of the following attributes:

  • Malvertising: Describes advertising practices that have malicious intent to cause harm or defraud a user.
  • Disallowed content: Refers to issues with landing page content/products/services that are not allowed in ads.
  • Relevancy concerns: Poor relevancy can occur when an advertisers associates a keyword to a landing page or ad copy where no logical association exists (for example, a query for "Facebook" yields ad copy and a landing page for golf supplies).

Fill out the form below to submit an ad quality escalation.

You may also report ads that you believe may infringe on intellectual property rights here: Intellectual property complaint form - Microsoft Advertising


Please enter the following information. For Xandr Display Ads, you only need to upload a screenshot of the ad in the “Choose File” option below.

Select what type of ads this is for:

Please enter the ad rlink (found on the Bing results page) *

This is not the display URL found in the ad. To copy the rlink:

  1. Right click the ad title
  2. Select Copy Link from the menu
  3. Paste into the box below

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Ad attributes or issues

Please check the relevance, content or other issues that are relevant to the ad(s) being escalated:

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By clicking the “Submit” button, you hereby affirm that, to the best of your knowledge, the information and statements provided by you are true, accurate, and complete.