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Introducing Microsoft Clarity insights for Microsoft Advertising

October 18, 2021

Understanding both user behavior and customer journey is crucial for successful marketing. To empower you with richer insights in a seamless experience, we have combined the power of two products to create Microsoft Clarity offering insights for Microsoft Advertising.

Get customer journey insights with the new tool integration

This new experience will help you better understand post-click user behavior and engagement on your landing pages. Plus, it’s free and simple to use because it’s powered by the existing JavaScript Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag you place across your website.

Key benefits

  • More powerful data: Make better-informed optimization decisions on your website and within your advertising campaigns by fully understanding the customer journey and enhancing the signals captured.
  • Free website analytics: Use Clarity to deeply understand post-click user behavior, path to conversion, and engagement on your ad landing pages.
  • Seamless UET upgrade: Existing JavaScript UET tags will be updated on the back end to enable Clarity, with no coding action required from you. Sign up by using your existing Microsoft Advertising credentials.

Session Recordings

Understand the customer user journey, such as the path to conversion, by replaying user sessions.

Instant Heatmaps

Understand engagement on your ad landing pages, including clicks, scrolls, and movement through heat maps.

Powerful Analysis Dashboard

Root out problems and analyze engagement by campaigns, channels, and browsers.

Connect Clarity and Google Analytics to save time and maximize your insights.

Client success stories

  • See how ScrapingBee used the power of Clarity analytics to increase average time spent on their blog by 21% and improved click through rate by 24%.
    • "The ‘rage click’ metric also showed us that we had some usability issues on our articles, especially due to our styling."
    • “It allowed us to quickly see the average scroll depth of people reading our blog posts and helped us detect some interesting patterns."
  • Understand how Imagely took action on the Clarity user sessions recordings to grow their conversion rate by 25%.
    • “For a user experience analytics tool, I don't think you will find a better solution than what Microsoft has done with Clarity.”
  • Learn how TravelBoom used Clarity heatmaps to better understand drop-off to increase conversions by 30% on their homepage.
    • “With Clarity, we were able to easily see where users were abandoning the page through the scroll heatmap feature.”


If you’d like to join the pilot today, please let your Microsoft account manager know. In order to be enabled, please make sure your UET tag is up to date in JavaScript. We recommend placing it across your website to maximize the actionable insights.

Starting in November, we will default our new UET tag creation to include the benefits of the Clarity insights experience. We recommend implementing the UET tag during this time to future-proof and maximize performance with your Microsoft Advertising campaigns and take advantage of insights with this new Clarity experience.

In mid-November, we will be migrating all existing UET tags to include Clarity insights, aside from those accounts associated to the exclusions.1

Access your existing Clarity account with your Microsoft Advertising account

Opting into this update and accessing your Clarity account is easy. As long as you have an active UET tag and are not part of the customer exclusions categories, you should have your UET tags updated automatically starting mid-November. Once your UET tag is updated you’ll be able to access Clarity insights from Microsoft Clarity using your Microsoft Advertising account.

Product view of Microsoft Clarity setup page.

Resources for learning more about collected data

Options to disable Clarity insights as needed

Before migration: You can opt out of this automatic upgrade of your UET tags by completing this opt-out form. You’ll need to provide either the IDs of the UET tags to opt out, or the Manager Account ID if you want to opt out all UET tags.

Post-migration: To disable Clarity insights at any time you may uncheck the Enable Microsoft Clarity box in Microsoft Advertising under Edit UET tag settings.

Product view of Microsoft Advertising under Edit UET tag settings.

[1] Certain customers are excluded from this update. Clarity should not be used on sites that contain sensitive data, including information related to government, user health care, or user financial services. See terms of use if you choose to enable Clarity on these types of websites.


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