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Reach engaged CTV audiences with Microsoft Invest

July 10, 2024
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Advertisers know that CTV and streaming video audiences are an untapped market. In fact, the data shows that in 2024, 3.78 billion people around the world will watch some form of digital video at least once per month. Clearly, serving ads to streaming viewers is a smart strategy. The question is: How do advertisers capitalize on this moment, spend budget wisely, and reach high value audiences?

We have the platform.

Built with you in mind, Microsoft Invest is a demand-side platform designed for the future of advertising. With an integrated platform advantage and a focus on data-driven performance, Invest empowers advertisers to engage valuable audiences on all screens and across the web to drive business results.

Microsoft audiences in Invest

Fact: Microsoft audiences are 15% more likely to spend online1 and have greater purchasing power than the average internet user. And Invest is the only demand-side platform (DSP) empowering advertisers to target our highly engaged audiences across Microsoft properties, including Microsoft Start, Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Casual Games. With Microsoft audiences and Invest combined, advertisers have the power to reach consumers at scale. Imagine how much impact you can make by advertising across our omnichannel marketplace, with direct access to premium supply and unique deals from 1500+ publisher partners.

So, whether your company or agency client is selling a gaming app, running shoes, or cars—the power to connect with audiences wherever they are is at your fingertips.

Your gateway to engaged CTV viewers

Over a quarter of the world’s population will be streaming subscription-based film and television content, and according to Insider Intelligence eMarketer Forecast, most digital video viewers are sub OTT viewers. The research also indicates that of the 3.78 billion global video viewers, 57.4%—or 2.17 billion—will use sub OTT video services that require a fee. Now is the time to weave streaming ads into your strategy.

Incredible news—Microsoft Invest integrates with over 860 CTV publishers in 50+ markets, including one of the most popular entertainment companies, Netflix.

This means you can reach Microsoft’s exclusive and highly engaged audiences who are tuned into the most-watched series and films. Two valuable audiences combined unlock expansive and customized ad reach for advertisers, ensuring you deliver relevant ads to audiences likely to convert. In fact, ads shown to in-market audiences saw up to a 17% greater conversion rate than the same ads shown to non-audience targeted users.2

Featuring a variety of activation channels and targeting capabilities, we give you the flexibility and control you need to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audiences with one seamlessly integrated ecosystem. You also benefit from a portfolio of actionable measurement solutions, including household attribution, to gain visibility into touchpoints across the customer journey and track performance across screens.

With Invest, advertisers can reach shoppers actively in-market for a Caribbean vacation, while they are consuming travel-related streaming content. An athleisure brand could reach viewers of tennis content that are currently shopping for activewear. Got a fragrance brand whose customers love Bridgerton? Align your ads with Romance content while focusing on specific users who are shopping for perfumes.

With premium supply and a focus on data-driven performance, Invest has everything you need to build a winning CTV strategy.

Capture the attention of Microsoft and CTV audiences

Tell the story of your brand with high-impact ads served to engaged audiences. Connect with us today to discover Microsoft Invest.

[1] 1 Microsoft Internal data, global. 2 Comscore Cross Visiting Report Multi-Platform, Microsoft sites, US, May 2023.

[2] Microsoft internal data – campaigns running in Microsoft Advertising Platform (U.S., April 2018)


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