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Elevate your ad campaigns. Powered by Microsoft + Roku.

April 13, 2023
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In our new whitepaper, Microsoft and Roku are reimagining the way you connect your brand or product with your customer.

From ad platform and data fragmentation to the guessing game of targeting and analytics reporting—the digital advertising landscape can feel like a complex matrix. In an industry-first collaboration, Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising have joined together to elevate the ad buying experience and maximize ad performance.

Within our new whitepaper, you’ll discover insights powered by two platforms to gain a new understanding about your industry’s customer. Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising have historically measured ads separately. That all changes with this collaboration. We’re now connecting the dots between Roku TV streaming ads, Microsoft Audience Ads, and paid and organic search on Bing. Because when it comes to data—we’re better, together.

All together now

Proving the case for data collaboration

Did you know consumers respond differently to ads from brands across industries? For more than a year, we studied and measured ad engagement across Technology, Travel, and Retail verticals. Our findings were captured in a new whitepaper, Reimagining Cross-Channel Measurement: How the Microsoft + Roku collaboration will elevate your ad campaigns by connecting the dots between TV streaming, search, and audience ads.

With the Microsoft and Roku shared customer insight ecosystem, the teams you trust to build your ad strategy and buy your ad placements can elevate every ad campaign. Just imagine the ways you can target and connect with your customer with unique cross-channel data at your fingertips.

By analyzing insights from both the Microsoft and Roku ad ecosystems—as your customer streams TV, browses online, shops for products, and searches online—we can distill down the behavioral insights that will help you build actionable and successful ad campaigns.

To inspire you, here are some examples of how to put our insights to work. These scenarios are applicable across all industries, including the ones we studied: Technology, Travel, and Retail. In the Reimagining Cross-Channel Measurement whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • What days and times your travel brand’s Roku TV streaming ads are most likely to reach customers who will then search for your product or click on a Microsoft Audience Ad.
  • What search phrases and terms your retail customer uses after being exposed to Roku TV streaming ads and Microsoft Audience Ads.
  • The lift in searches and clicks through running Microsoft Audience Ad campaigns at the same time as your Roku TV streaming campaign.
  • The optimal exposure frequency of Roku TV streaming ads for customers to respond to your technology brand online by searching on Bing or clicking on results.
  • The average time between the first Roku TV streaming ad exposure and first brand or product search, helping guide your campaign flighting and keyword bidding strategies.
  • How your Roku TV streaming ad campaign influences customers to search for your sneaker brand and how many different terms or phrases they search on average.

With cross-channel analysis, every touchpoint tells a story

All of the time spent streaming content on Roku TV. The browser searches. And beyond millions of clicks. On blogs and banner ads. Paid social posts and ads across the Microsoft Audience Network. It’s incredible, when you think about it: to match consumer data from Roku Advertising, America’s #1 TV streaming platform,1 to the Microsoft Advertising platform that reaches over 1 billion people worldwide.2 We’re reimagining the way you connect your brand or product with your customer. And we have the data to prove it.

You’ll know specifically when to time and how to target your ads. That’s because from Tech to Travel to Retail, every customer journey is unique. And with access to holistic customer insights, more customer acquisitions, clicks, searches, and purchases are within reach. So, all those ad strategy sessions, copyedits and video shoots, long days, late evenings, take-out, considerations, and finally, team consensus—are about to pay off.

Ready to level-up your strategy?

Start by downloading our new whitepaper, Reimagining Cross-Channel Measurement: How the Microsoft + Roku collaboration will elevate your ad campaigns by connecting the dots between TV streaming, search, and audience ads to discover new ways to connect your brand or product with your customer.

[1] By hours streamed, Hypothesis Group, Dec 2022
[2] Internal Microsoft Data


  • Lynne Kjolso


    Lynne Kjolso

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