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Location targeting in Microsoft Advertising lets you decide on geographies that best match your desired coverage area. With a range of tools to fine-tune your focus, you can use location-based advertising to target your top audience by specific area, from zip codes and cities to states, countries and more.

Advertise where your best customers are.

Why location targeting

Local searchers are more likely to take action. Here’s proof:

  • Four in five consumers conduct local searches on search engines across PC, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Three out of four mobile, and two out of three PC/tablet searches, result in a purchase by customers coming into brick-and-mortar stores.
  • 67% of smartphone users and 72% of PC/tablet users want ads customized with a location extension, such as an address, city or zip code.

You’re in full control of where your ads are shown with Microsoft Advertising location targeting. When you advertise strategically based on where your best customers are, you can boost your ad conversion rate and get a better ROI. Maybe you prefer to serve ads only to searchers in a specific area, or perhaps you need to run a test in one region before broadening your campaign. If you have a budget limit, concentrating your ads only where they will have the most impact can save you money. Conversely, Location Targeting also helps you exclude locations to avoid areas that aren’t profitable.

Popular location targeting features

Use a combination of these tools to serve your ads in the right region, to your target customers.

  • County targeting.
    Target customers at the U.S. county level.

  • Location Extensions.
    Display your store address, phone number and directions directly in your ads. It’s proven to have increased user engagement and ad click-through rate by up to 33%.

  • ZIP code targeting.
    Conveniently specify your target region by ZIP code (available in US, UK, CA, DE, FR and AU) and see a clear map of the targeting area.

  • Radius targeting.
    Target by radius and set range in miles or kilometers. Recent upgrades allow radius targeting from 1 to 500 miles or 1 to 800 km in increments of 1 mile/km.

  • Intent or interest targeting.
    Target those searching for or viewing your ads in regions that you select. For example, an advertiser may want to serve ads only to San Francisco searchers who are looking for Seattle hotel information, rather than those who live in Seattle.

  • Limit increase for location targets.
    We’ve raised our limit on targeting entries so you can include and exclude up to 10,000 for each campaign and ad group.

  • Map control.
    Our improved map control feature lets you see the polygonal outlines of the locations you’ve targeted as well as excluded. You can also add or remove targets from the map control.

  • Geographic location report.
    This newly redesigned report shows you exactly which location type — like Physical Location or Location of Interest — was used to serve your ad, giving you a more detailed view of how your location-based advertising is performing.

Add Location Targeting

Illustration of Location Extensions in a search ad and how they link directly to Bing Maps or Yahoo Maps.

Learn more about targeting

For methods on reaching the right audience, including a how-to for location targeting, see how to target customers. Then take a look at how can I get my ads in front of my customers for details about all your targeting options.

To begin connecting with local searchers, start using location targeting today. Sign in to Microsoft Advertising to get started.

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